Happy marriage are based on deep friendship, marriage is beautiful, sweet, wonderful, it’s gives you happiness and joy. People marry for many reasons, including one or more of the following : legal, social, emotional, religious element . These might include arranged marriage.
Many couples are facing a lot of challenges in marriage ; Quarrelling, not being able to understand each other. But Marriage is sweet, and wonderful when you are with the right person, It’s makes you mature and responsible. Women endure a lot of things in their marriage it’s comes with satisfying their spouse and trying to maintain their home.

Marriage sometimes, gives the husband or family control over the wife sexual services. Though the wife is commanded to submit herself to her husband and respect him while the husband should show love to the wife. Couples get married because they want to share their lives together.
What is the greatest challenges or problems that causes broken marriage : 
 • Communication

• loss of sexual attractions 

• complaining and Nagging

• Addiction 

• Adultery and Abuse
Many marriages failed because communication is lost due to constant conflict, lack of commitment, and respect , no Connections which often lead to Divorce because they give up trying, trust is the key to a long lasting relationship 
Every marriage is different and everyone has an option on how to save a broken marriage, communication can either make or break a relationship,  always think about how you started and when it all happen, marriage should be for better for worse it’s should be a life time commitment. But when misunderstanding set in you are unable to understand how your spouse feels. 
When dealing with infidelity, cheating is one of the most difficult things for a marriage to overcome, because trust has been shattered and it’s takes a long time to rebuild.
Do you feel your marriage is being shattered because one of two reasons? Are you feeling trouble about your marriage, Is there hope for a long lasting relationship. Need your ideas please 

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