A wife is a female partner in a continuing marital relationship. A wife may also be referred to as a spouse. 
Every man wants a good wife, and every woman wants to be loved. Marriage can be more amazing than you have experience or even thought, marriage is not an easy relationship to maintain. It’s high time to shed some light on what makes a successful marriage.

The importance of marriage :
• Beginning 

• Oneness 

• Purity 

• Parenting 

• Love

 The importance of a wife in life :
• To get fulfilment in life

• To be a life partner to her husband 

• To share his joys and his victories 

• To respect and Adore him

• A wife is as important as a mother

Some basic Qualities of a wife :
• Supportive

• Respect the husband 

• Be honest 

• Express your love

• Keep him happy 

• Look beautiful 

• Be pleasant 

• Prepare the house 

• Give him space 

• Plan surprises

Marriage is meant to love one’s spouse unconditionally Even if your husband is not the ideal man for you, you are suppose to help him become that unique man, because marriage is to be enjoyed not to be endure.


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