My names are Omolola lolademi Adeyemo, I hold a b.s.c degree in masscommunication at espam formation university in benin republic, cotonou.

I started Lolafrique adire as an adire designer at age 22 years in 2017. I finally decided to go fully into bag making early this year my company name was changed to Lolafrique

My vision for Bag designing industry is to make Nigeria bag designing the biggest both internationally and globally. Producing bags with good standard. I desire to create a shopping mall for all kinds of bags, purse and accessories for everything you can imagine that can be achieved using fabrics from Owanbe clutches purse to hand bags to interiors design and accessories . The shopping mall will be so beautiful with different sections of African prints. Lolafrique is also planning to have hand crafts school in Africa teaching and empowering youths about Ankara crafts designing.

My greatest strength is Allah on my side and for those who support and encourage me. Allah has really helped me going..and I believe Allah will fulfill all my wishes and dreams

I was born into a family where everyone is creative , so basically I grew up seeing my family this influences my interest in creativities

My target client is anyone who loves bags and accessories. Our company doesn’t just design we use patterns to style our bags which makes it look beautiful and attractive . Whoever rock our bags will be amazed by our designs. I think bag designing isn’t well recognised in the society because we Africans doesn’t patronised handmade work we mostly buy thing from the foreign country, also one of the challenges is lack of publicity ..we can flaunt the beauty of bag designing through pictures by making social media take charge.

Instagram: @lolafrique

Love gives you reason to live again.

Hi everyone! I am Lolademi Adeyemo and he is Bfw. Let me tell you about our long distance relationship. I will tell you from the beginning we knew each other until now. Here is it.

He is from lagos state and am from ibadan. How do we know each other. Everyone ask that , so we met through online I thought at first we were just friends but apparently we have more feelings than friends. So since that our long distance relationship begin. Everyday we spend time together such as chatting, voice call, video call after one month nd half he plan to meet me.

On may 2020 he finally came to see me, and we finally met. He also met my family and it was really amazing to see him.
The next day, we spend time together, we went to beach, restaurant and lovely places here. Honestly it was fun and fun and fun.

Time passes so quickly untill finally he returned back home after few days in Benin republic, cotonou. we are back in a long distance relationship again. After 6 month, he gave me surprise visit which was so unexpected.

On October 2020, he came to Benin republic again for the second time. But this time we are not meeting but he proposed. He planned all this all alone. And I didn’t know this either, surely he asked for help from one of my family and friend. We had dinner after that, the next day we spend time together again. It was the best day ever. Yeap! Our relationship is about 6 to 9 months.

Love is not all about how many days, weeks, or months you have been together, its all about how much You love each other everyday.
having many beautiful moment that will never been forgotten❤


Power distribution companies in Nigeria affirms two months free electricity supply to Nigerians.

The Power Distribution Companies in Nigeria have thrown their weight behind the bill being proposed by the National Assembly for Nigerians to enjoy two months of free electricity to cushion the effect of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Lagos State government says from next academic session, your child must be 12 years old before they can enrol in any secondary school
BWheel.mkApr 7, 2020Read original

The Lagos State Government has said that beginning from the next academic session, the entry age for all prospective students into any secondary school, private or public, would be 12 years old.

In a circular released in March and signed by one Mrs A. A. Adebowale of the Ministry of Education, the state government said a fine of N50,000 has been proposed for first offenders and N100,000 fine for second offenders as well as warning letters to close an erring school in case of any violation.

She said the new directive will be strictly enforced by agencies of education in the state.

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Hello, guess what?

We sell and train on modern Adire, Tie and Dye ,Tie
dye shirt designing, Batik design, native wears and lot
more towards Promoting Africa fashion and Trends.

Delivery – Lagos #1,500 _ Lagos outskirt #2000
Other # 2,500

Email :

Facebook: Lolademi O Adeyemo

Page : LolaAfrique Adire

IG : LolaAfrique Adire

Twitter : @LolaAfrique Adire

For more information contact : +2348142918805 ,

Thanks for patronising us.


    A real man is a man with genuine self-confidence and

 true masculinity.
He’s a man who knows his own mind and he’s not 

afraid to stand up for what he believes in.
The Qualities of a good man

• He should be faithful 

• He is open & honest 

• He’s hard working 

• He has a good personality 

• He has strong moral

• He has confidence 

• He ‘s mature

• He believes in family 
When a man has these qualities, he has a natural self-

assuredly that makes him stand out head and shoulders 

above other men, and women feel an instinctive sexual 

attraction towards him because he has what it takes to 

protect her and provide for her.
He doesn’t have to try too hard to get a woman’s 

attention because women automatically sense his 

Character is the sum of those Qualities, actions, and 
tendencies which distinguish one man from another, in 

the sense that most men do not have moral courage in 

the right sense, it is this which makes others realised 

what stuffs a man is made of. Becoming the man we 

are meant to be, is to realize exactly who we are, what 

our strength and weakness are.
A real man has the strength of character to be his own 
man in the world and to always be true to himself. If he

 takes part in any passing trends in society. He focuses 

on being the best version of himself it’s possible to be 

by developing the characteristics that help him to go on

 improving and becoming a better man at each new 

stage in his life. 
Probably, when we meet a man who cannot make up 
his mind, Argue his case, assert his personality, we say 

” He is a man of no character”.  A man of character is 

he who command to respect and admiration of all.
What really makes a man is when he smiles in trouble, 
gather strength from distress, and grows brave by 

When he posses good manners either good 
or bad according to the way he behaves towards other, 

character also makes a man and education refines 

The question is Are you man enough? 



   Happy marriage are based on deep friendship, marriage is beautiful, sweet, wonderful, it’s gives you happiness and joy. People marry for many reasons, including one or more of the following : legal, social, emotional, religious element . These might include arranged marriage.
Many couples are facing a lot of challenges in marriage ; Quarrelling, not being able to understand each other. But Marriage is sweet, and wonderful when you are with the right person, It’s makes you mature and responsible. Women endure a lot of things in their marriage it’s comes with satisfying their spouse and trying to maintain their home.

Marriage sometimes, gives the husband or family control over the wife sexual services. Though the wife is commanded to submit herself to her husband and respect him while the husband should show love to the wife. Couples get married because they want to share their lives together.
What is the greatest challenges or problems that causes broken marriage : 
 • Communication

• loss of sexual attractions 

• complaining and Nagging

• Addiction 

• Adultery and Abuse
Many marriages failed because communication is lost due to constant conflict, lack of commitment, and respect , no Connections which often lead to Divorce because they give up trying, trust is the key to a long lasting relationship 
Every marriage is different and everyone has an option on how to save a broken marriage, communication can either make or break a relationship,  always think about how you started and when it all happen, marriage should be for better for worse it’s should be a life time commitment. But when misunderstanding set in you are unable to understand how your spouse feels. 
When dealing with infidelity, cheating is one of the most difficult things for a marriage to overcome, because trust has been shattered and it’s takes a long time to rebuild.
Do you feel your marriage is being shattered because one of two reasons? Are you feeling trouble about your marriage, Is there hope for a long lasting relationship. Need your ideas please 


                              A wife is a female partner in a continuing marital relationship. A wife may also be referred to as a spouse. 
Every man wants a good wife, and every woman wants to be loved. Marriage can be more amazing than you have experience or even thought, marriage is not an easy relationship to maintain. It’s high time to shed some light on what makes a successful marriage.

The importance of marriage :
• Beginning 

• Oneness 

• Purity 

• Parenting 

• Love

 The importance of a wife in life :
• To get fulfilment in life

• To be a life partner to her husband 

• To share his joys and his victories 

• To respect and Adore him

• A wife is as important as a mother

Some basic Qualities of a wife :
• Supportive

• Respect the husband 

• Be honest 

• Express your love

• Keep him happy 

• Look beautiful 

• Be pleasant 

• Prepare the house 

• Give him space 

• Plan surprises

Marriage is meant to love one’s spouse unconditionally Even if your husband is not the ideal man for you, you are suppose to help him become that unique man, because marriage is to be enjoyed not to be endure.