A real man is a man with genuine self-confidence and

 true masculinity.
He’s a man who knows his own mind and he’s not 

afraid to stand up for what he believes in.
The Qualities of a good man

• He should be faithful 

• He is open & honest 

• He’s hard working 

• He has a good personality 

• He has strong moral

• He has confidence 

• He ‘s mature

• He believes in family 
When a man has these qualities, he has a natural self-

assuredly that makes him stand out head and shoulders 

above other men, and women feel an instinctive sexual 

attraction towards him because he has what it takes to 

protect her and provide for her.
He doesn’t have to try too hard to get a woman’s 

attention because women automatically sense his 

Character is the sum of those Qualities, actions, and 
tendencies which distinguish one man from another, in 

the sense that most men do not have moral courage in 

the right sense, it is this which makes others realised 

what stuffs a man is made of. Becoming the man we 

are meant to be, is to realize exactly who we are, what 

our strength and weakness are.
A real man has the strength of character to be his own 
man in the world and to always be true to himself. If he

 takes part in any passing trends in society. He focuses 

on being the best version of himself it’s possible to be 

by developing the characteristics that help him to go on

 improving and becoming a better man at each new 

stage in his life. 
Probably, when we meet a man who cannot make up 
his mind, Argue his case, assert his personality, we say 

” He is a man of no character”.  A man of character is 

he who command to respect and admiration of all.
What really makes a man is when he smiles in trouble, 
gather strength from distress, and grows brave by 

When he posses good manners either good 
or bad according to the way he behaves towards other, 

character also makes a man and education refines 

The question is Are you man enough? 


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