My names are Omolola lolademi Adeyemo, I hold a b.s.c degree in masscommunication at espam formation university in benin republic, cotonou.

I started Lolafrique adire as an adire designer at age 22 years in 2017. I finally decided to go fully into bag making early this year my company name was changed to Lolafrique

My vision for Bag designing industry is to make Nigeria bag designing the biggest both internationally and globally. Producing bags with good standard. I desire to create a shopping mall for all kinds of bags, purse and accessories for everything you can imagine that can be achieved using fabrics from Owanbe clutches purse to hand bags to interiors design and accessories . The shopping mall will be so beautiful with different sections of African prints. Lolafrique is also planning to have hand crafts school in Africa teaching and empowering youths about Ankara crafts designing.

My greatest strength is Allah on my side and for those who support and encourage me. Allah has really helped me going..and I believe Allah will fulfill all my wishes and dreams

I was born into a family where everyone is creative , so basically I grew up seeing my family this influences my interest in creativities

My target client is anyone who loves bags and accessories. Our company doesn’t just design we use patterns to style our bags which makes it look beautiful and attractive . Whoever rock our bags will be amazed by our designs. I think bag designing isn’t well recognised in the society because we Africans doesn’t patronised handmade work we mostly buy thing from the foreign country, also one of the challenges is lack of publicity ..we can flaunt the beauty of bag designing through pictures by making social media take charge.

Instagram: @lolafrique

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