Love gives you reason to live again.

Hi everyone! I am Lolademi Adeyemo and he is Bfw. Let me tell you about our long distance relationship. I will tell you from the beginning we knew each other until now. Here is it.

He is from lagos state and am from ibadan. How do we know each other. Everyone ask that , so we met through online I thought at first we were just friends but apparently we have more feelings than friends. So since that our long distance relationship begin. Everyday we spend time together such as chatting, voice call, video call after one month nd half he plan to meet me.

On may 2020 he finally came to see me, and we finally met. He also met my family and it was really amazing to see him.
The next day, we spend time together, we went to beach, restaurant and lovely places here. Honestly it was fun and fun and fun.

Time passes so quickly untill finally he returned back home after few days in Benin republic, cotonou. we are back in a long distance relationship again. After 6 month, he gave me surprise visit which was so unexpected.

On October 2020, he came to Benin republic again for the second time. But this time we are not meeting but he proposed. He planned all this all alone. And I didn’t know this either, surely he asked for help from one of my family and friend. We had dinner after that, the next day we spend time together again. It was the best day ever. Yeap! Our relationship is about 6 to 9 months.

Love is not all about how many days, weeks, or months you have been together, its all about how much You love each other everyday.
having many beautiful moment that will never been forgotten❤

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